music is
what feelings
sound like

i am
a woman obsessed

this is
my dumping ground

one track a day
for the next 365 days
covering a full range of emotions

et ensuite...
quand ça me tente

i also spill my guts
on the blog

morning, meet meditation
meditation, meet coffee
coffee, meet chocolate
chocolate, meet music

let the meeting for the secret society of happiness begin



i now pass it over to you

typewriter. tip tip tip.


feel good video of the day

this love thing is a navigation tool
to help you find your way back to each other

edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros

It’s Friday, bitches!


she said: if you don’t have alt-j in your life, rectify immediately

situation rectified. thanks fi.


there it was, hidden in the lining of the coat
a roll of hundred pound bills
and i knew to keep it to myself
but i was petrified that everyone could see it in my eyes
the secret i was holding

what would dream analysts have to say about this?
that i had money coming my way?
that i was rich beyond my wildest dreams?
that i had financial woes?
that i should check my winter coat for the change i left in it last year? 
that i watch too many movies with thugs in them?  
that i am hiding something? 


excuse me while i have a bowie moment

(this one’s for you, lake)

david bowie

the leaves are falling back home
without me to witness
the waltz of yellow and orange and blood red
summer’s funeral
but i can feel them tumbling to the ground
i can feel the wind carrying
these little deaths
announcing winter’s arrival

and in the spring
will i too have grown into something new? 


oh mumford & sons
i can’t quit you 

mumford & sons

this is what it feels like to be mrs. stewart

ryan adams and the cardinals

it was at somerset house
before the old black and white movie played
the sky was on fire
and we sat on blankets drinking wine out of plastic coffee cups
music bouncing off the courtyard walls
and this song came on
and collin said “nice track!”
and asked me to use the ting ting on my phone 
so i shazam’d it 

and here we are today
and you’ve both gone
and i miss you
but damn, those were good times eh?

the do

was it only 10 days ago that i was walking down the aisle to this song?
i never thought i’d say this but…
i wish i could go back and relive it all again 

etta james

dear words,

please come back to me.
until then, i’ll float on the sound 

grizzly bear


imagine this
scissor sisters
in montreal
at metropolis
surrounded by a bunch of sweaty gay men
good times, my friend

scissor sisters

that little part of me
that cared
(too much)
died this morning
and it left
a sense of freedom
in its wake